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Between GRL and Teslacon…

Oct 31, 2013 by

I’ve only been home from GayRomLit in Atlanta a week, and already I’m heading out again, this time to Teslacon in Madison Wisconsin. Teslacon is a Steampunk convention, and if you don’t know what Steampunk is, Google it. Go ahead. I’ll wait. <whistles>

Okay, back? Well, let me explain something. As awesome as Steampunk sounds, it is TWICE as cool as that. Easily. Steampunk marries historical romance and science fiction and fantasy and adventure and mystery and RAY GUNS AND DIRIGIBLES AND AIRSHIP PIRATES. It’s the ultimate geekdom, where all the geekdoms run together and then explode. It’s like Jules Verne married HG Wells and together they popped out Robert A. Heinlein and Umberto Eco. (Totally possible if you buy Warehouse 13’s premise that HG Wells was actually a woman.) And then bought an airship line.

So that’s where I’m spending my weekend, in a total immersion Steampunk convention, where I will arrive in costume and remain so for three full days. In company with my godson and nephew, Joe V., the coolest teenager in the history of teenagers.

GayRomLit was fabulous, as usual, and the organization was even better this year than last year, with set rooms for Q&As and Storyteller Spotlights and Author Readings so you didn’t have to go wandering around looking for them. And every night was a dress-up thing, the traditional Juke Joint Junket being joined by the Some Enchanted Evening formal ball and the rocking Heaven & Hell Masquerade. The costumes were fantastic.

My friend JP Barnaby hosted an event where people got the chance to finger paint on half-nekkid guys: four professional adult models and four authors/regular guys. It was adorable to see that the regular guys actually got painted more than the models did. They raised over $600 for Lost and Found Youth, a gay youth homeless shelter in Atlanta. JP also writes as Jamie Mayfield, and all royalties from her young adult books go to the shelter. JP rocks.

There was also a Dine with the Author event, that was nice, but would have been nicer if it hadn’t been so noisy it was hard to hear what people were saying. Ballrooms have crappy acoustics. I bet someone could make a bajillion dollars if they invented a “cone of silence” thing that could settle over tables for weddings and conferences like these, so that only the people at the table could hear what was being said…

I had lots of people stop by my table at the signing and even sold a few books so I didn’t have to ship anything home. This is a Good Thing.

So I come home to an invitation to host a chat with FRENCH PEOPLE. Seriously! Apparently Kindred Hearts and Finding Zach have been finding some fans in their French incarnations, and DSP is setting up time for a Facebook chat with them. I have to do the posts ahead of time so that the translator can get them done, and then she’ll be riding along to translate their questions and my answers.  That will be November 23rd, so if you speak French, mark your calendars!!

Then, I was also invited to join a blog tour about rock stars, so Adam gets to come out and play for a while. That one should be fairly soon; it’s still in the process of being organized.

So, that’s it for now. In a couple of hours I’ll be hitting the (wet and flooded) roads to Wisconsin. After I get home from that, there will be no more traveling until April. Thank God – my house is a MESS, and my cat thinks I don’t love him any more.

And before I knew it…

May 31, 2013 by

So, okay, a couple of weeks ago I was GChatting with Marie Sexton, as one does, and she mentioned that she signed on as a Keynote Speaker for the UK Meetup 2013, which is an event held in Great Britain for the local m/m writers there. This year’s is only the second or maybe third one they’ve had, but it’s drawn a lot of interest, both with UK writers and non-UK. It was one of those things I’d look at and dream about, but never thought I’d actually go to.

And then Marie mentioned she didn’t have a traveling companion and really didn’t want to travel alone… and before I knew it…

ukmeet  Guess where I’m going in July??

I’m really psyched and freaked out about it! I was to the UK a few <cough, twenty-eight, cough> years ago and have wanted to go back ever since. Now I can!

We’re actually arriving on the Fourth of July and spending a week in London doing touristy things, including a pop over to Paris for a day through the Chunnel. I mean, really. One has to.  I’m hoping to hit some of the spots I missed last time, like Canterbury and Windsor Castle, as well as my favorites from then too.

And we won’t be alone! My Chicago peeps Harper and Sue are going to be there at the same time, and Belinda McBride might come early too and do some touristy things. We’re all set with plane tickets and accommodations, and I have been making Lists. We don’t leave for a month, but I’ve already started packing…

In between the packing and the panic attacks, though, life has been going on. I just sent off the second batch of edits for Love, Like Water, so I’m hoping I’ll have a release date soon. I also set up a Cafe Press store for it, like I did with Finding Zach and Kindred Hearts, and am thinking about carrying an LLW tote bag around the UK.

On the Illumination front (if you recall, that is the new title of Going Like Elsie, about Miles and Adam), the cover is in the sketch stages and looks pretty good! LC Chase is doing the cover; I really love her work, so I’m happy! Should be getting the edits any time now…