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As soon as the review from michelenjeffreviews.com is up, I’ll post the link, but Michele from the aforesaid site sent me an email today with some lovely compliments.  I’ve never been in such exalted company before–she mentioned Finding Zach in the same breath as The Kite Runner.  I mean–whoa. 

I’m very grateful that people are responding so well to the book.  For every negative comment–mostly about the “unrealistic” way that Zach “recovers too quickly” (Hello, people, did you not read the book?  The whole point is that he’s recovering slowly!)–I get a lot of positive comments about how much the characters connect with people.  That was what I was trying to do; my characters are real, in the world inside my head, and I was trying to make them seem as real to others as they are to me.  That, I think, is the key to a successful story–that the characters are real people, with flaws and foibles and things that make you want to smack them in the head.  Just like you do your siblings.

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  1. I agree with you, Rowan, on making the characters real as you see them in your head. That’s the same thing I do. I sometimes don’t know that I do my characters justice but I give it a go. You make Zach so true to nature, he’s so real to me, that I can almost believe there IS a Zach not far away. His recovery was perfect in my eyes, how can anyone say it was slow? My hell, this young man was in the start of his life, 15 years old and taken away from everything and everyone he had known and was thrown into hell. Literally. He was treated worse than an animal, he was kept as a dog, used as a whore, fed almost nothing, for five long years. OMG he even lost a nipple, he was whipped, starved, beaten, raped for five years…Just how in the world was he supposed to recover fast? Goodness…the story picks up what? 2 years later?

    Of course he’ll have issues, omg someone doesn’t get over that trauma overnight. 2 years is nothing. 4 years is nothing. You kept the story real and you did an amazing job with it. Keep them coming Rowan. You’re my newest hero…(Well, Zach is…lol)


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