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Mar 23, 2011 by

“Charming rascal Tristan Northwood seems to have it all: an ancient name, a noble inheritance, a lovely wife, and a son he adores. Women love him, men admire him, and it seems there is nothing he can’t do, whether it’s seducing a society wife or winning a carriage race. Little does Society suspect that the name means nothing to him, the fortune is in his father’s controlling hands, and he has no interest in his wife except a very distant friendship. Society bores him, and he takes dares because he only feels alive when he’s dancing on the edge… until his wife’s brother comes home from the wars.  

“Decorated war hero Major Charles Mountjoy jerks Tris out of his despair by inspiring feelings of passion Tris had never suspected himself capable of. Almost as terrifying as those feelings for Charles are the signs Charles might return his affection—or, even worse, that Charles sees the man Tristan has been trying so valiantly to hide from the world.”


It’s getting to be kinda sorta real. I’ve gone through the first batch of edits, have submitted the cover art specs, done the dedication and the acknowledgements, and now authorized the above blurb. Far as I can remember, I’ve just got the second round of edits and the galleys left. Oy.

In the meantime, Lynn is sending me some short stuff for the Daily Dose to edit, for which I will get paid. Woot!  It’ll be good practice for possibly more editorial stuff.

And I’m getting to the exciting stuff in the fantasy short story I’m working on. Still have ambitions of getting it finished by the end of the month, which is just about a week away. Not sure where I’ll send it; a day or two ago I just assumed it would be DSP, but then I got an invitation to submit from Amber Allure, so now I’m thinking I might branch out a bit. I have a hard enough time keeping myself straight with one publisher, but I’d like to see what other peeps have to offer. How weird.


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