Kindred Hearts is (are?) here!

May 2, 2011 by

Kindred Hearts is now available for purchase. Here’s the Dreamspinner Press link:

And the All Romance Ebooks link: They left the opening “C” off the blurb. Tris isn’t “harming” anyone but himself…

I am bracing for the backlash.

Sadly, it will probably be days or weeks before Amazon gets it posted. Amazon has its own ways of doing things. But if you have a Kindle and you can’t wait, get it at either DSP or ARE and download the .prc file. Then sideload it from your computer.

Speaking of Dreamspinner Press—the company is celebrating its fourth anniversary during the month of May, with discounts and stuff like that!  Deep discounts, too!!  Click here for more info: Each week has different themes, so keep checking back for great deals on the best in m/m romance!!

I had a great time this weekend visiting with people from the Goodreads M/M Group who live in the Chicago area. We met at Borders in Orland Park (shout-out to the good folks there who let us take over a corner of their café and supplied cake and coffee) and spent several hours talking about books and what we want to do as a group. Most of us that met are going to GayRomLit in New Orleans in October, so it will be nice to know more people there. Then we popped over to Olive Garden across the street for dinner. Thanks especially to Cat for organizing the outing. A very nice time was had by all. Oh, and good luck to Harper, who has books coming out from (I think) Loose Id and Silver, and up for consideration at DSP. You go, girl!

Then on Sunday I spent the day popping in and out at the Chatting with Joyfully Reviewed Yahoo Group, which had been turned over to the authors who will be attending GayRomLit. I posted a couple of comments and an excerpt, and put up an e-copy of Kindred Hearts which was won by one of the folks participating. I’m waiting to hear back which format she wants her book in, and then I will send it to her. I haven’t heard yet, which I hope is due to her not being able to respond rather than her not wanting a copy.

The weather is improving, with the result that I went an entire three days without once succumbing to the need for Excedrin. Yesterday, though, I was hurting, so this morning I had Excedrin for breakfast again. I did some research into Lyrica, which they’re advertising for fibromyalgia, and after reading all the side effects, I think I’ll stick with Excedrin as long as I can. I know taking acetaminophen for long term might have an adverse effect on my liver, but as best I can tell, taking Lyrica would have an adverse effect on EVERYTHING. Pretty name, though.


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