A present, and a past… and a future?

May 12, 2010 by

Got a happy box from Dreamspinner last night when I got home – my copies of Finding Zach.  Started to read a “real” copy on the train this morning and am surprised at the fact that I’m enjoying it.  You’d think after looking at it six hundred times in the past year that I’d be sick of it.  The sad thing is that I have the suspicion that I’ll never write anything that good again.

If I do, I’m not sure the new book is it, anyway.  Very different, being essentially a Regency, and the characters are not at all like David and Zach.  I’m having a harder time getting into them.  Plus it’s demanding a lot more research than the first one did (although I did plenty!) and that slows the process down.  Still have a lot to do with the Waterloo scenes!!  Not sure if I’ll make my self-imposed deadline this time around (of course, I didn’t last time, either).

And now Jerry Abruzzo is demanding his say.  Jerry is David’s ex from Finding Zach and he’s taken a new job in Chicago and really, really wants his own story.  He’ll be satisfied with a short story, or at least that’s what he says now.  (Hah!  I’ve learned never to trust what your characters tell you…)

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  1. foretta says:

    I read finding zach awhile ago and it still sits in front of my mind. whenever anyone ask for a gauranteed good read I say that book. there were parts that were hard to read but the writing was wonderful. I loved the story. I seen that you said you might write for other characters (Jerry, Brian and the army friend- flaking on name right now) in the book and I really hope you do…and inlcude zack and david in it. I would love to read more. anyway thanks for a great read

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