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It’s been really interesting reading the different reader reviews of Finding Zach, especially when there are strong opinions vocalized about a particular character.  Some people like Zach, others David (one comment from my numero uno beta reader was “I wish David were real.  And straight.”)  Some people say the side characters are cardboard cutouts; others say that they’re amazingly real for side characters.  Discuss.

Brian seems to be one of the more polarizing characters.  One reader asked for a story about him, while another referred to him as “one big prick.”  I’m sort of glad, because while Brian isn’t exactly a villain, he IS an antagonist, and his motives are questionable.  He needs to cause a certain amount of discomfort.  I didn’t want to make him totally unlikable, because in the end he IS the one who pushes Zach to confront his past, but I wanted him to be an uncomfortable character.  He’s not easy, and that’s okay.  I think that that’s what makes him real for me–he’s not a straightforward hero or villain, he’s just a guy who wants what he wants and maybe sometimes takes shortcuts to get there.  I think he’s seriously interested in Zach as a person, not only as a “story”; he may just be being a reporter–excuse me,  journalist–but I think he is attracted to Zach, and sympathetic, as far as he can be given his profession.

Will I write another story with Brian?  Does he deserve his own happy ending?  Time will tell…

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  1. Kendall says:

    Brian was an interesting mixture. I was totally surprised to see him at the end of the book. I would read a book about him. ;-) Journalist who goes after his story, but gets emotionally (etc.) involved with or attached or attracted to the subjects he writes about…could be interesting to see who he ends up with and how his story turns out. ;-)

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