Where the heck did winter go?

Feb 28, 2012 by

Okay, not that I’m complaining, or anything, ’cause I’m not stupid, you know. And frankly, cold weather plays billy-hell with my fibromyalgia, so cold winters are horrendous. But it’s going to be fifty-five degrees tomorrow, the last day of February.  In Chicago.

     It’s been like this all winter. On New Year’s Eve, I went out without a coat.  On February 2nd, it was 60 degrees. My gas bill, usually about $300 by now, is $113. I think the water I keep in my car most of the rest of the year has frozen exactly twice.

     We still have March to go through, but for now I’m liking this milder weather. I hope it keeps up so when I go to New York for the Rainbow Book Fair at the end of the month I won’t have to wear a bulky coat on the plane.

     Speaking of which–one of my New Year’s resolutions–actually my ONLY resolution–was to travel less. So far this year I’ve been to St. Louis and to Kalamazoo, will be going to New York at the end of March, and in November–Turkey. Yep, Turkey. I’m skipping Pennsic this year, but that’s still a lot of traveling for someone who said she was going to travel less. Oh well. That’ll teach me to make resolutions.

     But…  Turkey!  This is going to be really awesome. Me and Mom, exploring the Topkapi Palace, and Hagia Sofia, and Troy and Ephesus and Pergamon–where they invented parchment!–and Anatolia, which I guess is just a region of Turkey but for some reason like “Istanbul” and “Samarkand” fills me with visions of romance and mystery. Hopefully I’ll get some story ideas out of this–or at the very least, a hella lot of pictures.

     But first, I gotta get rid of this plantar fasciitis…


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