Oh, I forgot…

Mar 21, 2012 by

     Did I mention I’m a little frantic today?

    Anyway, I meant to mention that Finding Zach is now available as an audiobook through Dreamspinner Press. It’s also being translated into German, as well as Spanish, Italian, Pig Latin and Esperanto.

     Okay, I’m lying, but I won’t tell you what about. :)


  1. I listened to Finding Zach last week and it is now one of my all time favorite romances…regardless of genre. Incredible.

  2. I am not sure if you are interested in this but I work in movie financing division at a bank. I just finished reading you book and I really thought it was quite amazing, have you ever thought about making it into a movie I feel that someone could easily win an oscar playing one of the many amazing roles you have created in this book. Please let me know!

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