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Apr 27, 2012 by

Welcome to my brand spankin’ new website. Hopefully you were automatically shifted here from my old rowanspeedwell.wordpress.com blog, or are a new friend who came looking for me at a “real” web address. So hello!!

This site is so brand new that I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing or what’s working. If you’re a subscriber, I hope you got this as the subscriber list was supposed to copy over here. That’s part of the reason for this post–not only to introduce my new site (isn’t it pretty??) but to sort of check and make sure things are working as they are supposed to. I’d gotten pretty good at working with the WordPress blog dashboard, and while this is still built on the WordPress platform, there are things that are distinctly different. Please be patient while I work through all the details.

I’m very excited about this site–not only is it pretty (!!) but I can showcase my books better here, while still maintaining the blog presence. Maybe at some point I’ll put in a front page that’s more “me” focused. Like after I’ve won the Pulitzer or something. <snort>

Okay, if you’ve subscribed to my WP site but aren’t getting updates, please resubscribe using the link on the right. I apologize for any complications, but I hope the updated site is worth it. :)

Talk to you later!!

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  1. BlackTulip says:

    Congrats, this style is fresh and these colors put me in a good mood, love green and purple !

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