Florentine Treasure is now available. (Plus a picture of me!)

Jun 1, 2012 by

 Available today, June 1st, from Dreamspinner Press!

Art history professor Daniel Wollek is delighted to assist the Uffizi Gallery in Florence in cataloguing a cache of Renaissance artworks uncovered by an earthquake. But when a second earthquake pitches him headlong into the fifteenth century, Daniel finds himself more involved than he expected in rescuing precious artifacts from a fanatic’s bonfires. Then he meets Leonardo di Vinci’s assistant, Giacopo di Careggi, and finds in the beautiful young model a treasure even greater than art from the past.

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To say I’m excited is an understatement. I really loved writing this story, and it’s probably my favorite of anything I’ve done–certainly in the short-story genre. It just was so much FUN. I got to play with time travel, and my favorite era–the Renaissance–and a fascinating, complex time it was, especially in Firenze, the Florence of my story.

And Gio is adorable.

And here’s me in the fashion of the time. Yes, I made the dress (at least the red and black part; I admit to buying the white underdress) and embroidered the cuffs.


  1. BlackTulip says:

    I generally don’t read time travel because present time doesn’t interest me but for once I made an exception and I don’t regret it. Though I find the beginning a bit slow (no doubt because it’s the contemporary part !) it’s a beautiful romance and a clever story, I LOVE the Renaissance part and the ending. I rated it 4 STARS on GoodReads. Cheers !

  2. BlackTulip says:

    Oh, by the way I forgot to say that this cover is STUNNING, to die for … !

    • rowanspeedwell says:

      OMG, isn’t it? I was so delighted when the wonderful Catt Ford came up with it! It fits the story so perfectly!

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