Going Like Elsie, and other miscellanea

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Enough shameless self-promotion. Okay, now on to shameless-less self-promotion–or can you call it self-promotion if you’re promoting something someone else did, even if it’s about your book?  This is my first bit of fan video! Woot!  A very nice young man reads one of my favoritest excerpts from Finding Zach:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9rJbEY7ot8

And in New Book News:


A Congo African Gray Parrot is a major secondary character in my Work In Progress From Hell, tentatively titled “Going Like Elsie.” Grace is a very smart bird, as CAGs tend to be, and an excellent mimic. She’s about 25, so she’s got a bigger vocabulary of words and sounds than the bird in this video, who’s only about 10. I’ve been working on the WIPFH for over two years and Grace has been part of it from the very beginning. Oddly enough, last year I got another Grace in my life—my beautiful little niece, who just turned one on May 16th. The first girlchild in her generation in a family rather overloaded with boys (says the girl with five brothers). I adore her.

Going Like Else is in the hands of the beta readers, and will be going into second draft stage next week as soon as I get feedback from my severest critic and number one beta Lynda. I’ve already heard back from my boss, who used to manage rock bands and had some excellent advice about Adam, my rock star hero (and who *might* be able to find me a musician for the book trailer!) and from the inimitable JP Barnaby, who hits me with the WTF stick whenever I go off on bizarro tangents, as I tend to do. Her pragmatism saves me from some seriously embarrassing moments (“Teaching Grace to make coffee. Most coffee makers have a timer. Give him a reason not to have one. Too old? Broken?”) Well, duh. I get too caught up in the concept and lose track of the reality. JP grounds me!

And the best compliment of all—I rode home on the train last night with one of my beta readers, who was deep into the draft. And she cried almost the whole way.


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