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I’ve been away from jewelry-making for a while, but had a little spare time this past weekend to play around a bit, and this is the result. I love the cover of The Florentine Treasure, so it was nice to have a way of carrying it around with me. <grin>  I’m practicing for a little project associated with GayRomLit (no, you can’t know what it is—if it turns out, I promise I will post pics!) so I need to get my dubious jewelry-making skills back up to par.

GayRomLit is only about 9 weeks away, and I am SO not ready for it. But at least I have a good excuse—I’m deep in the throes of a new novel, and am flabbergasted at how fast the words are coming. I started the story June 29th, and have over 56K written already. I have never written that fast in my life! And I’m liking the story, and the characters. Since I’m writing it this fast, it will probably require some serious editing in the second draft (my beloved critique partner, JP Barnaby, has already been kind enough to point out some serious flaws, but I’m pretty sure I can fix them easily enough), but still, after the painful experiences I’ve had with novels lately, it’s wonderful that something is flowing so well.

Well, since you asked…. Joshua is a young ex-FBI agent who suffered through a beastly assignment, which, though successful, ended up with him addicted to heroin and plagued by dreams of the terrible things he had to do to remain undercover with a gang trafficking drugs. Eli is a horse trainer on Joshua’s uncle’s New Mexico ranch, where Joshua comes to recover and learn the horse-training business. Can Joshua put the past behind him enough to build a relationship with Eli, or, like the wild mustangs Eli trains, is it going to bite him in the ass? <snort>

Speaking of books that took me two freaking years to write, Going Like Elsie has been submitted to the prospective publisher, so I’m at the fingernail-chewing stage of waiting to see if what they asked for is what I’ve provided. They were enthusiastic about the first few chapters, but I had to do quite a bit of beating to get the final draft into shape. The publisher is fairly new and has a reputation for brutal editing, so I’m quite nervous about the response. Of course, part of the reason that I submitted there (aside from them asking me to) was because after two years, I didn’t feel like I had a good handle on the story. I did bring one of my beta readers to tears with it, though, which I count as a success. I’m evil that way.

Come August 24th or thereabouts, I will be participating in a blog tour to celebrate the birth of a new review blog, Rainbow Book Reviews. I will be blogging about what it means to me to write GLBTQ literature. The blog tour will also give away a signed paperback copy of Finding Zach. Stop by and say hi!


  1. RowanS says:

    Change of plans – not a signed paperback, but a choice of any of my e-books. :( It was pointed out to me that it wasn’t practical to send books overseas. So… I lied. I do that. Sometimes. :)


  2. Shannon says:

    The pendant is gorgeous! The Florentine Treasure was such a joy to read. Glad to hear that your next novel is flowing along at a fast pace. :)

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