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Jamie_CartoonOkay, so tomorrow is a very special day. I’ve got a guest post from the one and only Jamie Mayfield, not the first fictional character I’ve hosted on this blog, but certainly the first fictional author I have!

Jamie Mayfield is the alter ego of very real author J.P. Barnaby, who created the character as one of the two protagonists in her ground-breaking, award-winning series Little Boy Lost. LBL tells the story of Brian and Jamie, who meet as kids in Alabama, fall in love as teenagers, and are separated by homophobia. Their quest to reunite is a beautiful thing, of tears, trauma, horror and despair. (Yes, horror and despair can be beautiful in the hands of a talented writer, which J.P. surely is.)

In that series, Jamie wants to become a writer. So when the time came to revise the series for a young adult audience, J.P. became Jamie, to fulfill his dream.

The 3-book YA version of the LBL series is called “Waiting for Forever.” The first book, Choices, was published by Harmony Ink Press on June 6th.

I’m a huge fan of J.P.’s work. I love well-written, believable characters, and J.P. excels at crafting real imaginary people. In tomorrow’s post, she’ll give us some insights on developing characters that you will fall in love with.

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